About Us Who are we?

 We have been working in the field of graphics, engineeing design, and communications for over 30 years.

We have given lectures and training in a variety of countries including: Canada, United States, and England.

Starting out in the engineering fields, we have branched out into various other disciplines. However the goal has always been the same: to teach others how to use computers to aid in their daily design lives. Our areas of expertise are training, drawing, modeling/rendering, animation, graphics, web design, as well as new technology such as rapid prototyping with the us of 3D printing.  If you have any question, feel free to contact us. If we can help we will.

Instructor Resource CADInnovations

CADInnovations are our graphics and communication consultants. Stephen and Christine Ethier have written over 24 books on the subject of Computer Aided Design as well as being Authorized Autodesk Developers. Their books are used internationally. The following are some of the books written by the Ethier team:

  • Digital Information Management
  • Autodesk VIZ Fundamentals
  • 3D Studio MAX in Motion
  • AutoCAD in 3 Dimensions
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