4D animation What is 4D Animation?

In mathematics, four-dimensional space ("4D") is a geometric space with four dimensions.

tesseract It typically is more specifically four-dimensional Euclidean space, generalizing the rules of three-dimensional Euclidean space. Refer to the figure showing the 3D projection of a tesseract undergoing a simple rotation in four dimensional space.

In case of graphics 4D refers to addition to time to the other 2 or 3 spacial dimensions. Which means that we depict a three dimensional object over time as it moves or we move around it.

To actual view this we need to take the three dimensional scene and project it onto a flat plane so that we may view the overall scene through a single plane. We then view a succession of planes to simulate the effect of time. The act of rapidly showing the project planes is refered to as animation.

Disciplines Model Animation Fields

Model Animation is used in fields similar to that of 3D modeling. The following is a short list of various fields with brief examples of each:

  • Architectural - walkthrus of buildings
  • Engineering - animated operations of assemblies of components, structures, or systems
  • Game Development - Interaction between virtual characters and virtual worlds
  • Movie Industry - Underlaying Simulated Scenes and special effects into realworld filming.
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