About Us What is Drafting?

 2D refers to 2 dimensional(flat) space. The space is composed of only two axes typically called X and Y.

2D drawingsDrafting is the making of drawings of objects, structures, or systems that have been visualized by architects, engineers and technologists. Such drawings may be executed in the following ways: manually drawings are often in the form of sketches to outline a design or concept. The sketch is then transfered to a computer aide design (CAD) program to create presentation or construction drawings by a draftsperson. Typical these drawings are drawn in 2D dimensions and printed/plotted onto a flat sheet that includes a title block.

The art of drawing often refers to a more artistic or free-hand approach to communicating concepts through an art form.

Disciplines Drafting Disciplines

Drafting is seperated into many individual disciplines. The following is a short list of various disciplines with brief examples of each:

  • Architectural - Building Envelop, Material Details, Doors, Windows, etc
  • Civil - Storm Drainage, Roads, Parking, Contours, etc
  • Electrical - Wiring Diagrams, Schematics, Electrical Enclosures, etc.
  • Mechanical - Parts, Equipment, General Arrangements, etc.
  • Structural - Building Steel, Foundations, Framing Deatils, etc
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